Council & Staff

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Macoun Council is made up of five members, elected at large. Council consists of a Mayor and four Alderman. 

Current Council:

Mayor Suzanne Kuchinka

Councillor Vince Martin

Councillor Judy Sovdi

Councillor Frank Schaefer

Councillor Dave Schindel

Council Meetings are held the first Monday of each Month (if first Monday falls on a holiday, meeting will 

be moved to the second Monday of the month). Meetings are held at 7:00 pm in the Macoun Village Office. 

All meetings are open to the public to come listen to the matters being discussed by Council. If you wish 

to discuss a matter with Council, you must submit a request in writing with your name and the item(s) you 

wish to discuss with Council, to the Village Office no later then 3:30 pm on the Wednesday prior to the 

Council Meeting. Your name will then be added to the meeting agenda as a Delegation. 


Village Employees:

Carmen Dodd-Vicary, CAO

Samantha Goyette, Admin Assistant

Stan McKelvey, Foreman / Water & Wastewater Operator

Dallas Neb, Water Plant / Wastewater Supervisor

Arnie Feser, Water Operator