Minutes & Bylaws

Established in​ 1903.


Meeting Minutes




Monday November 2, 2020

Mayor Glenys Baerg (attended by phone)               Councillor Juergen Hauck               Councillor Vi Neb

Councillor Dale Hillier                Councillor Wade Cox                 CAO Carmen Dodd-Vicary

1. Call to order:

Deputy Mayor Cox called the meeting to order at 7:04pm.

2. Adoption of agenda as Presented:

Motion 2020/111 by Hillier THAT, the Agenda is approved with the following additions. Seconded by Cox.


Addition: Brick House added to New Business.

3. Delegations:

4. Committee Report:

Fire Service- CAO received Fire meeting minutes for January – August 2020 from Fire Chief.

Parks and Rec- Holding a meeting on November 12, 2020 to see what interest from the public before

considering setting up outdoor rink. If there is enough interest, location will be discussed later.

Happy Gang Club- Turkey Bingo and Soup and Sandwich planned for November. It was asked if they would

consider an evening or weekend soup and sandwich day to reach different residents as well. They will take it to

their meeting on Wednesday evening.

5. Approval of Minutes:

MOTION 2020/112 by Hillier THAT, the minutes from the October 5, 2020 meeting be approved. Seconded by Baerg. CARRIED.

6. Business Arising from Minutes:

MOTION 2020/113 by Hillier THAT, CAO send letter to the owner of Lot 1 Block 31 informing that due to the time of year, the cleanup of the yard with all garbage, broken appliances and debris be stored in the garage, sheds or removed from the property, weeds and long grass cut and cleaned up as well proof of all vehicles registered and plated, removed from the property or placed in a structure on the property, must be completed by May 15, 2021 to prevent costs due to the Village cleaning up the property in accordance with Bylaw 1.06, Nuisance Abatement Bylaw. Seconded by Neb. CARRIED

MOTION 2020/114 by Baerg THAT, Dallas Neb be transitioned from an hourly wage to monthly salary of $1,000.00 for his position of Water and Wastewater Supervisor for the Village of Macoun. Seconded by Cox. CARRIED

7. Financial Reports:

8. Bills to be Paid:

MOTION 2020/115 by Hauck THAT, the October 31, 2020 bills in the amount of $43,940.22 be paid. Seconded by Neb. CARRIED

9. Policies and Bylaws:

MOTION 2020/116 by Hauck THAT, Council approve the Access to Information Policy as presented. Seconded by Cox. CARRIED

10. Old Business:

11. New Business:

MOTION 2020/117 by Cox THAT, Village purchase the Connect by All-Net program, paying for 2 years up front, to offer better communication to residents in the Village of Macoun, to be paid for by the Safe Restart Program funding. Seconded by Hillier. CARRIED

12. Correspondence:

MOTION 2020/118 by Hillier THAT, Village use some of the Safe Restart Program funding to purchase AED machines for Village owned facilities as well upgrade the medical first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Seconded by Hauck. CARRIED

MOTION 2020/119 by Baerg THAT, in accordance with the service agreement with Professional Building Inspections Inc., the Village of Macoun hereby resolves to issue a Certificate of Appointment for Ken Pasiechnyk, a Licensed Building Official who is a resident of the Province of Saskatchewan. Seconded by Cox.


MOTION 2020/120 by Hillier THAT, Village support the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers' 13th Annual Crime Prevention Guide focusing on Child Abuse Awareness with the 1/15th page black and white advertisement. Seconded by Cox. CARRIED

13. Adjournment:

MOTION 2020/121 by Cox THAT, meeting is adjourned at 8:26pm. CARRIED.  

Bylaws and Policies

The Village of Macoun has a number of Policies

and Bylaws that were developed by Council over time.

These regulations were created to address matters of the

community that at one time or another caused concern

and needed a more permanent way to address them. The

Village has a contract with Commissionaires for Bylaw Enforcement.

Semi's in Village Limits

Village Bylaw 12-13, passed on August 28, 2013, states:

2.(e)(1) No person shall operate a vehicle larger than 2 axles, 6 tire straight unit on any road within the Village Limits unless using the Heavy Vehicle Route.

(2) No person shall operate agricultural equipment on any road within the Village Limits unless using the Heavy Vehicle Truck Route.

(3) Subsection (1) and (2) shall not apply to vehicles making a delivery on any highway in the Municipality provided that the operator of the vehicle uses the most direct route from and to the Heavy Vehicle Truck Route.

3. (b) A person who contravenes the provisions of subsection 2(e) (1)(2)(3) is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a penalty of not less than $1,000.00.

The Heavy Truck route is Appleton Ave (Main Road) ONLY.

Bylaw No 2.20

A Bylaw of the Village of Macoun to Control the Use of Fireworks Within Village Limits

The Council of the Village of Macoun in the Province of Saskatchewan enacts as follows:

1. Any person(s) 18 years of age or older wishing to discharge fireworks within Village limits must apply to the Village office in writing at least 5 business days prior to the date they wish to discharge the fireworks.

2. Written request must include the date and time the fireworks will be discharged as well as who is liability should emergency personnel be required due to fire or accident during discharge.

3. All fireworks must be discharged in the designated area located to the east of the Village dugout on John St.

4. Written notice of the fireworks showing the date and time will be displayed on the Village bulletin board in the entrance to the Macoun Co-op on the day the request is approved.

5. Any person(s) found guilty of an infraction of any of the provisions of this bylaw shall be liable to the penalties set forth in the General Penalty Bylaw.

This Bylaw came into force at the regular meeting of Council held on September 14, 2020.​ 

Bylaw Table of Context

Most Common Bylaws:

3-92 Licensing Bylaw

1-06 Nuisance Bylaw

9-14 Amendment to Nuisance Bylaw

3-11 Noise Bylaw

5-13 Dog and Cat Bylaw

10-13 Regulate the Use of RV's Within Village Limits

12-13 Regulate the Traffic and Use of Streets Within the Village

1-17 Amendment to The Traffic Bylaw

2-15 Set Rates for Usage of Village Tractors and Weed Whippers

2-20 To Control the Use of Fireworks Within Village Limits


1-08 Administrative Bylaw

4-09 Allow More Councillors on the Village Council

3-16 Regulate the Proceedings of Municipal Council

6-16 Code of Ethics

4-19 Employee Code of Conduct

Fire and Emergency:

2017-1992 Establishment of a Mutual Aid Emergency Measures Organization

9 Respecting Fire Prevention

2-01 Regulate the Burning of Refuse Within the Boundaries of the Village

2-04 To Establish a Municipal Emergency Measures Organization

2-07 Establish and Define a Fire Service

3-19 To Fix the Rates to Be Charged for Responding to a Call

1-20 To Fix the Fine to be Charged for Use of the Fire Service Pump

Water and Sewer:

8-11 Water and Sewer Rates

2-13 Amendment to Bylaw 8-11 Water and Sewer Rates

3-14 Amended Water and Sewer Rates

9-13 Control, Collection, Storage, Treatment and Disposal of Sewage

1-14 Amended Control, Collection, Storage, Treatment and Disposal of Sewage

4-14 To Add Water and Sewer Arrears to Property Taxes

1-18 Maintenance and Management of The Water Works and Sanitary Sewer System

6-14 Amendment to Maintenance and Management of The Water Works and Sanitary Sewer System​

Bylaw Table of Context


67 Regulate the Filling of Abandoned Basements

7-97 Regulate Buildings Being Moved into The Village

2-05 To Designate a Site as Municipal Heritage Property

2-08 To Establish an Option to Purchase Agreement of Village Lots for Sale

13-13 Provide for The Regulation of Front and Side Yards for Dwelling

7-14 To Regulate Building Construction and Related Activities

1-19 To Amend Bylaw 7-14 The Building Bylaw

2-17 To Provide A Uniform System for The Numbering of Houses

2-18 Notice Before Digging Within Village Limits

Macoun Boards:

73 Gun Club Facility

2-09 Amend Bylaw 73 To Allow Macoun Gun Club to Operate A Recreation Facility

1-12 To Establish a Macoun Parks and Recreation Board

11-13 To Establish A Town Hall Board


2-19 Tax Discount and Penalty

53 Assessment Notices

3-97 To Establish A Fee for The Appeal of An Assessment

2-14 To Establish A Base Tax to Be Levied


42 To License Persons Having Billiards, Pool Tables or Bowling Alleys

80 General Penalty Bylaw

7-10 To Amend Bylaw 80 General Penalty Bylaw

2-99 To Control the Disposal of Scrap Tires

4-04 To Provide for Retention and Disposal of Documents

2-06 Public Notice Bylaw

10-11 To Amend Bylaw 79 With Respect to Livestock and Poultry Within Village

8-14 Snowmobile Bylaw