Macoun, Saskatchewan

Established in​ 1903.



The Village of Macoun is located in the South East corner of Saskatchewan along Highway 39, between Estevan and Weyburn,

with a current population of  269 residents.

Our small community has a School open to grades K-8 and a

Preschool program. We have a local Co-op store that offers a 24

hour card-lock plus a variety of other services, Mechanic Shop located

on the main street, plus many home based businesses run by locals

and a number of  groups and committees to become a part of. The Village of Macoun has a number of privately owned vacant Lots just waiting for new development or a few already established homes for sale. 

Will you be the next to call Macoun HOME?


Payment Program

Why use Pre-Authorized Payments ?

The Pre-Authorized Payment Program allows ratepayers to make weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly payments for their property taxes and/or utility bills without paying additional fees.

How do Pre-Authorized Payments work?


After deciding which Pre-Authorized Payment frequency works best for you, we simply divide your normal annual property tax levy by the number of payment periods in the year. This amount then gets automatically withdrawn out of your bank account. Prior to your annual taxes being levied, your installments will be based on the previous years tax levy. Once the current years levy is determined, your installment payment will be adjusted accordingly. You will be notified in writing of any required changes. We strive to ensure all rate payer's property taxes are paid by December 31st of each year to avoid penalty.

Property Tax Example:

January - July payments $217 / month 

(based on last years levy of $2,600)

Once taxes are levied, Pre-Authorized payments are recalculated.

2018 Actual Tax Levy minus payments already made in the year

$2,650 - $1,519 = $1,131

New Pre-Authorized payment amount for August - December

$1,131 / 5 months = $227 / month


After deciding which Pre-Authorized Payment frequency works best for you, we simply divide your annual estimated utility bill by the number of payment periods in the year. This amount then gets automatically withdrawn out of your bank account.

Utility Bill Example:

Estimated annual utility billing $1,085.40 

($180.90 x 6 billing periods = $1,085.40)

Pre-Authorized payment amount:

$20.90 / Weekly (52 payments)

$41.75 / Bi-weekly (26 payments)

$45.25 / Semi-monthly (24 payments)

$90.45 / Monthly (12 payments)

Pre-Authorized frequency options:

15th of each Month OR End of each Month (12 payments/year)

15th and End of each Month (24 payments per year)

Every Second Friday (26 payments per year)

Every Friday (52 payments per year)

How do I Stop my Pre-Authorized Payments?

You may withdraw from the program by providing notice of at least

one (1) week prior to your next payment date.

How Do I Apply?

Simply bring a VOID cheque or a Pre-Authorized payment form 

from your bank to the Village Office.

Appleton Ave Maintenance

Council of the Village of Macoun will be focusing on repairs to Appleton Ave (main road) in the month of May. Once the repairs are complete, Council will be completing dust control of Appleton Ave in early June.

Reduced speeds would be appreciated to keep dust levels as low as possible.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with this process. 

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Dugout Water Available for Watering

The Village offers a pump connected to dugout water at the Macoun William Snider Rec Center at 745 Young St. Access is for Macoun residents to bring tanks to fill for watering gardens, flower beds or lawns. The pump is now connected and ready for use. The dugout is currently sitting at 1/3 of its capacity so residents are asked to try and utilize any rain water accumulation this spring and summer. There is also a non-potable water well owned and operated by the RM of Cymri located just south of Macoun, west on Township Road 42 that Macoun residents are able to haul from. Let’s all perform our rain dance for gardens and crops this summer. 

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Hydrant Flushing​

The Village Foreman will begin hydrant flushes soon and will continue weekly through the spring, summer and fall months. Each side of Macoun will be completed during the hours of 9am-3pm, the day of the week will vary depending on weather and availability of the Foreman. You may experience lower water pressure or discoloration during the time of the flushing. If you notice any discoloration, allow your COLD WATER ONLY to run in the lowest faucet in your home until the water runs clear. Reminders will be sent out to residents through CONNECT the morning of the flush. If you are not currently receiving CONNECT notifications and wish to be added, please contact the Village office at 306-634-9352.

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ATV Regulations

Council of the Village of Macoun would like to remind residents of the Saskatchewan laws regarding ATV’s within Urban Municipalities. ATV’s are regulated by The All Terrain Vehicles Act, an ATV includes a restricted use motorcycle, mini-bike, all-terrain cycle, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, quad, side-by-side and dirt bikes and are designed for use on “off-road” surfaces such as dirt, mud, grass or gravel. Drivers must be 16 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you must be 12 years of age or older AND pass an approved ATV training course OR be supervised by someone who has held a valid driver’s license continuously for the last 365 days. If you want to ride your ATV on public land, you need a minimum of $200,000 in third party liability insurance and must show proof of insurance if asked. An approved motorcycle helmet and protective eye wear must be worn. You can drive on a highway right of way or on the traveled portion of a road only when crossing a road. The Village of Macoun does not currently have a Bylaw in place allowing ATV’s to be operated within Village limits. Golf carts can be used for transport only to and from a golf course. Absolutely no ATV’s are to be used on Macoun School property as it is private property.

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