Macoun, Saskatchewan

Established in​ 1903.



The Village of Macoun is located in the South East corner of Saskatchewan along Highway 39, between Estevan and Weyburn, 

with a current population of  270 residents. Our small community 

has a School open to grades K-8 and a Preschool program. We 

have a local Co-op store that offers a 24 hour card-lock plus a 

variety of other services, Mechanic Shop located on the main street, 

plus many home based businesses run by locals and a number of 

groups and committees to become a part of. The Village of Macoun 

has a number of privately owned vacant Lots just waiting for new development or a few already established homes for sale. 

Will you be the next to call Macoun HOME?

Bylaws and Policies

The Village of Macoun has a number of Policies and Bylaws 

that were developed by Council over time. These 

Regulations were created to address matters of the 

community that at one time or another caused concern

and needed a more permanent way to address them. The 

Village has a contract with Commissionaires for Bylaw Enforcement. For a list of current Bylaws, please 

contact the Village Office. 

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection will be returning to 

Bi-Weekly pickup in October.

Pickup days will continue to be Thursdays,

opposite weeks of Recycle Pickup. Check the EVENT page for the collection Schedule.

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Facebook Page

The Village of Macoun has a Facebook page that is used to post important news, events, warnings, etc. Follow the Village page at:

Macoun Village-of 

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Property Tax Discount

2018 Property Taxes paid in October will receive a Municipal Discount of 4%.

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Public Waterworks Information

2017 Waterworks Financial Overview:

Total waterworks revenues - $517,723

Total waterworks expenditures - $516,837

Total debt payments on waterworks infrastructure loans - $22,560

Comparison of waterworks revenues to expenditures plus debt payments, expressed as a ratio:


($516,837) + ($22,560)

(For 2017, waterworks revenues covered

96% of the waterworks expenditures.)

Payment of $40,398 from the Federal/Provincial Lagoon grant still owing. Would have put the 2017 ratio at 104%.

The following waterworks information 

is available at the municipal office for

 public viewing:

The February 12, 2018 Waterworks Rate Policy and Capital Investment Strategy, the above financial information, plus the transfer of funds to and from the Waterworks Reserves

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454 Appleton Ave

Box 58

Macoun, SK   S0C 1P0


(306)634-9352 Office
(306)634-9377 Fax
[email protected]


Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Sat-Sun: Closed
Holidays: Closed