Macoun, Saskatchewan

Established in​ 1903.



The Village of Macoun is located in the South East corner of Saskatchewan along Highway 39, between Estevan and Weyburn,

with a current population of  269 residents.

Our small community has a School open to grades K-8 and a

Preschool program. We have a local Co-op store that offers a 24

hour card-lock plus a variety of other services, Mechanic Shop located

on the main street, plus many home based businesses run by locals

and a number of  groups and committees to become a part of. The Village of Macoun has a number of privately owned vacant Lots just waiting for new development or a few already established homes for sale. 

Will you be the next to call Macoun HOME?


Payment Program

Why use Pre-Authorized Payments ?

The Pre-Authorized Payment Program allows ratepayers to make weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly payments for their property taxes and/or utility bills without paying additional fees.

How do Pre-Authorized Payments work?


After deciding which Pre-Authorized Payment frequency works best for you, we simply divide your normal annual property tax levy by the number of payment periods in the year. This amount then gets automatically withdrawn out of your bank account. Prior to your annual taxes being levied, your installments will be based on the previous years tax levy. Once the current years levy is determined, your installment payment will be adjusted accordingly. You will be notified in writing of any required changes. We strive to ensure all rate payer's property taxes are paid by December 31st of each year to avoid penalty.

Property Tax Example:

January - July payments $217 / month 

(based on last years levy of $2,600)

Once taxes are levied, Pre-Authorized payments are recalculated.

2018 Actual Tax Levy minus payments already made in the year

$2,650 - $1,519 = $1,131

New Pre-Authorized payment amount for August - December

$1,131 / 5 months = $227 / month


After deciding which Pre-Authorized Payment frequency works best for you, we simply divide your annual estimated utility bill by the number of payment periods in the year. This amount then gets automatically withdrawn out of your bank account.

Utility Bill Example:

Estimated annual utility billing $1,085.40 

($180.90 x 6 billing periods = $1,085.40)

Pre-Authorized payment amount:

$20.90 / Weekly (52 payments)

$41.75 / Bi-weekly (26 payments)

$45.25 / Semi-monthly (24 payments)

$90.45 / Monthly (12 payments)

Pre-Authorized frequency options:

15th of each Month OR End of each Month (12 payments/year)

15th and End of each Month (24 payments per year)

Every Second Friday (26 payments per year)

Every Friday (52 payments per year)

How do I Stop my Pre-Authorized Payments?

You may withdraw from the program by providing notice of at least

one (1) week prior to your next payment date.

How Do I Apply?

Simply bring a VOID cheque or a Pre-Authorized payment form 

from your bank to the Village Office.

Backup Generator



Council of the Village of Macoun is excited to inform residents that the Village now has a backup generator for Emergency Management and water service during power outages. Council has been looking at getting a backup generator for a few years and with Government funding this summer, Council was able to make their vision happen. The generator will keep the Water Treatment Plant, Village Maintenance Shop and Village Office operational during a power outage or emergency situation. During a power outage, residents will be able to access running drinking water in your homes. It is very important to remember that it will be your responsibility to make sure your septic tank is set up with a backup power source to pump any water usage out to the Village lagoon. If you do not have backup power to run your pump, you will risk sewage backing up in your home. The Village IS NOT liable for sewage backing up due to residents not providing backup power for septic pumps. If you have any questions, please contact the Village Office at


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Septic Tanks

Reminder to all residents that the Village operates a septic tank system in each yard. Do’s and Don’ts:

Do keep the path to your septic system clear in case access is required for maintenance. Don’t allow vehicles to drive over or on any septic system components. Don’t drain downspouts, sump pumps, weeping tile, etc. into the septic system. Do scrape dishes into the garbage instead of the sink. Compost kitchen wastes instead of using a garburator. NEVER rinse grease down your sink or toilet. Use a drain catcher to stop food bits from going down the drain. Don’t put cigarette butts, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, condoms, disposable diapers or wipes, plastics or similar non-biodegradable materials into your septic system. Read the back of your bathroom tissue packaging as some brands state not to be used with septic tank systems. Do not use plastic dishwasher or laundry pods as they do not always dissolve completely before entering your septic system. Each home owner is responsible for their entire system from the mainline on the street. 

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Council of the Village of Macoun has been offering Acti-Zyme septic tank treatment to residents for a few years. The product is designed to help reduce the smell in the septic tank as well as breakdown the solids allowing for easier pumpout if/when required by the home owner. Council has had to make the decision to start charging a minimal fee for the jars of Acti-Zyme as the cost of the product continues to increase. The Village currently pays $16.95 per jar but has passed a resolution to start charging residents $10.00 per jar. The cost to rate payers is still lower then most, if not all other products sold to complete the same job. Council will continue to keep Acti-Zyme in stock as long as residents are interested in using the product with the new fee. 

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Last Paper Newsletter from the Village of Macoun

The Newly Elected Council of the Village of Macoun has made the decision to transition from paper newsletters, receipts, tax notices, utility bills and assessment notices to e-billing and email / text notifications starting in 2021. This decision was made to help reduce some costs in the community and due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, to help reduce the risk of transmission to both rate payers and staff. Please contact the Village office at 306-634-9352 as soon as possible to provide your email to make sure you receive the utility bill at the end of January, 2021.

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Southeast Regional Library’s

Did you know that Southeast Regional Library patrons have access to thousands of digital resources, available 24/7! Over 30 online databases can be accessed just by signing in with your library card for FREE at . Take the library with you by downloading these apps available to Southeast Regional Library patrons: SILS (access your account, renew items, place holds), PressReader (newspapers and magazines from all over the world), Hoopla (movies, music, comics, eBooks, eAudiobooks and TV shows), Libby by Overdrive (eBooks and eAudiobooks from library2go collection), Flipster (digital magazines), Tumblebooks (thousands of picture books and chapter books for kids) and Creativebug (access online arts and craft video classes). The closest libraries to Macoun are the Midale Public Library Branch located at 128 Haslem St. in the curling rink building, hours are Monday and Tuesday 2:30-5:30pm, 6:00-8:00pm and Friday 9:30am-12:00pm, 12:30-3:00pm. Estevan Public Library Branch located at 701 Souris Ave. in the leisure centre, hours are Monday to Thursday 9:00am-8:00pm, Friday and Saturday 9:30am-6:00pm and Sunday 1:00-5:00pm. It is free to get a membership through the Southeast Regional Library that allows you access to all online content as well as 47 branches and 3 community delivery sites. ​ 

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